På denne side finder du materialer til download og remix. Af hensyn til samarbejde med andre nationaliteter vil siden være på engelsk.  Indholdet her er ikke det officielle indhold fra Creative Commons international, men derimod en samling materialer og anvisninger, udarbejdet af det danske community.

On this site you will find ressources for remix. Due to collaboration internationally, this site will be in English. As a disclaimer; neither this site nor its content is officially Creative Commons content. It is made by the Danish community with in the Danish Creative Commons Chapter. 


Graphics from CC Denmark

Follow this links to a shared map at Google Drive to get access to graphics. 

You might also like to have Creative Commons icons as font.

Creative Commons .org also has a page for downloads that is very useful. Please visit that page when you are looking for logos, colour schemes etc

Visit official download page

Tools for graphics

The ressources are made in .psd-format. This means that it can be edited in the online tool Photopea at

You can also use software like Adobe Photoshop.

Information and PR

There are many ways, formats and tools for producing informations. We suggest that you work in some of these tools: 

H5P – for interactive content. Easy remixable, robust attribution, easy implementation and great user experiences.

Google Docs – easy for collaboration, commenting and sharing – link and export as pdf for distribution.

Photopea – useful for graphics, posters, flyers, badges and web content. Works in a browser, supports localization, supports photoshop-formats. 

Video and subtitles

Workflows for video: 

I suggest you have a look at YouTube and Vimeo, they both support subtitles, and both can be used for free. 

Translating subtitles can be used with the tool

Join – and try

Remix a poster

Go to this folder.

Download the .psd-file called Poster1.psd

Open Photopea – click here.

Edit the poster. Save it. Rename it Poster1-country – eg. Poster1-DA. 

Upload the file to the same folder as you found the Poster1-file in.

You did it!

Remix H5P

Go to or your own enviroment for working in H5P.

Log in / Sign in. 

Go to this example or this page and choose Reuse (buttom right). A file called .h5p, will now be downloaded to your computer.

Import the file i H5P and try to edit some of the content. Publish it. 

Now you have made a remix of an h5p-element. 

Next step is sharing your version. (I dont have the right solution rigt now. One way is sharing links another is having a hub together).