H5P and Creative Commons

(Danish: Denne side indeholder informationer og materialer omkring H5P. Flere af disse informationer deles internationalt, og siden er derfor på engelsk).

Velcome to this page with information about H5P – and how H5P can be used and implemented as an educational ressource for the Creative Commons community.

Here is my welcome as a short video:

Why H5P cc-by Peter Leth

How to get started

If you are using the CC-chapter framework (xx.creativecommons.net) you will a menu in your dashboard with h5p. Otherwise install the plugin on your site with this documentation.

What is H5P?

H5P is more than 45 open source tools for presenting, testing, playing and interaction. Everyone can make them and everyone can remix (if the authors allows) others h5p-elements. You can get familiar with the tools at h5p.org

So when talking about H5P we need to know that it is not just one thing and tools for one purpose, but several tools for several purposes.

How to use H5P

I suggest that you consider using h5p as a way to engage people. Let them play with the knowledge about Creative Commons – as a way to learn it.

I also suggest that we use h5p, as a way to share content and help cross-chapters. And I suggest that hq supports that layout and the distribution of best-practice.

How to remix

Just click “reuse” in the bottom left of a H5P-element. This will make the h5p export at zip-file (called .h5p) with all the content from the element, which then can be imported on your site.

Alternative you could copy the embed-code, if you want to implement the h5p-element as it is, on your site.


Here are a list of examples.

Link to some memory games made about Creative Commons Link

Copyright: All text and content is cc-by Peter Leth. Chapter lead in Denmark.