er et nyt samlende organ for nordiske CC-værker

I går, mandag d. 15. november, lanceredes et nyt selvstændigt skandinavisk CC-licensbaseret initiativ med navnet Cloudberry Project. Her er tale om en brugerdrevet portal, som har til formål at udgøre en samlende platform for nordiske skabere, der bruger CC licenser på deres kreative output. Sitet er gratis at bruge, alle kan uploade deres materiale, og det er projektets håb at blive en komplet oversigt over nordiske værker under CC. Hos CC Danmark hilser vi initiativet velkomment og håber at alle danske CC-licensbrugere vil bidrage til databasen med deres værker.

Læs her den officielle pressemeddelelse:


Göteborg, Sweden – 15 November 2010

Today sees the launch of the Cloudberry Project, an initiative to bring the Creative Commons communities from the Nordic communities closer together in a joint effort to increase the use of Creative Commons in the region. The project will create a focus point for Creative Commons activities and will both showcase the use of Creative Commons and organise a series of creative events throughout the Nordic countries to talk about and demonstrate works of art under a Creative Commons license.

Based on a network of participants from the Creative Commons communities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands and joined by a group of 20 film makers, photographers, architects, writers and musicians from the Nordic artists who have contributed their experience with Creative Commons to the project, one of the outcomes of the project is a marketing guide and marketing material for Creative Commons in the Nordic countries.

“The Nordic region has for the entire history of Creative Commons been ahead of the curve in seeing innovative uses of Creative Commons licenses in film, media, and across many other cultural heritage, industry, and educational sectors. This experience has given Cloudberry the capacity to address creative communities in the region with very concrete and relevant outreach on using Creative Commons. I expect Cloudberry to be a big success, and hope to see initiatives like it replicate around the world,” says Mike Linksvayer, Vice President of Creative Commons.

This guide and the material produced in the project will be available through the Cloudberry project and anyone is encouraged to take part in the process of hosting creative events and meetings to inspire others to use Creative Commons licenses for their work. An initial set of events is planned around the Nordic countries with a start in April 2011, and the project is now working on creating the guide and marketing material based on an initial meeting which took place in November 2010.

Through the Cloudberry project, anyone can contribute and take part in the work, either as a creator in their own right, showcasing their creative works on the Cloudberry web site, engaging in the discussion on Creative Commons, or simply taking the material from Cloudberry and hosting local events.
“It would be fantastic if someone would take what we create and make it work in their own local community,” says Jonas Öberg, Cloudberry project lead, “It doesn’t need to be very difficult, or cost a lot of money: putting up a Creative Commons photography exhibition at a local library, or hosting a festival playing Creative Commons music. Even if only 10-20 people view it, it’s 10-20 people more than today.”

The initiative is supported by the Nordic Culture Point and Nordic

Culture Fund as a part of the Some Rights Reserved for Nordic Artists project. Through this support, the project is able to organise regular meetings between the Creative Commons communities in the Nordic countries, and will also be able to contribute financially to events organised in the region in an effort to spread awareness of Creative Commons.

About the Cloudberry Project
The Cloudberry Project brings Creative Commoners from the Nordic countries together. We’re a collaboration between the Creative Commons groups in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Faroe Islands and work together with the aim to increase the use of Creative Commons in the Nordic countries. We do this in two ways: we show through this web site what creative works are coming out of the Nordic countries, and we organise creative events in the Nordic countries to talk about and show what we do.

About the Society for Free Culture and Software
The Society for Free Culture and Software was founded in 2005 as a collaboration between free culture and free software groups in Sweden. It acts as a hub for activities in Sweden and the Nordic region and works across borders and organisational boundaries to bring the various activities and people closer together. In the annual Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit, it gathers people from all over the world in a mutual exchange between the free culture, free software, and free society communities. The society is supported through its projects by, among others, the Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Google, Nokia and the University of Gothenburg.

Jonas Öberg
Executive Director, Society for Free Culture and Software
[email protected]
+46 31 7802161

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