EU Kommissionen anbefaler Creative Commons licenser til offentlige data

european-commissionI sidste uge udsendte EU Kommissionen en række guidelines for udgivelse og genanvendelse af offentlige data og information i Europa. Blandt disse anbefalinger opfordres der eksplicit til at medlemsstaterne bør anvende standardiserede åbne licenser såsom Creative Commons-værktøjerne. Således skriver de:

“Several licences that comply with the principles of ‘openness’ described by the Open Knowledge Foundation to promote unrestricted re-use of online content, are available on the web. They have been translated into many languages, centrally updated and already used extensively worldwide. Open standard licences, for example the most recent Creative Commons (CC) licences (version 4.0), could allow the re-use of PSI without the need to develop and update custom-made licences at national or sub-national level. Of these, the CC0 public domain dedication is of particular interest. As a legal tool that allows waiving copyright and database rights on PSI, it ensures full flexibility for re-users and reduces the complications associated with handling numerous licences, with possibly conflicting provisions.”

Læs mere i denne blog post fra Creative Commons’ internationale blog.

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